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Benefits of Social Media for Crowdfunding
We’re currently living in very exciting times when it comes to modern technology. Social media is at the forefront of many of the technological advances we’ve enjoyed recently, and whether you view it positively or negatively, it certainly doesn’t look set to be going anywhere anytime soon. Crowdfunding is also a huge advancement that wouldn’t be possible without the internet and modern technology. One of the biggest challenges crowd funders tend to encounter however, is promoting their crowdfunding campaigns to enable them to receive more donations. This is where social media can be very beneficial. If used correctly, social media can prove hugely beneficial for crowdfunding campaigns of all sizes. Here’s a look at a few ways in which social media can be so useful.
Instantly share your campaign with friends and family – The great thing about crowdfunding is that people can donate as much, or as little, as they like. Rather than you asking for a minimum amount, people donate what they deem appropriate. Friends and family members will no doubt want to support you and will therefore be more likely to donate generously. By sharing your campaign on social media, you can instantly share it with friends and family, all at once. This not only saves time, but it will also help to potentially increase the amount of donations you receive.
Other people market and advertise your campaign for you – Another very beneficial thing about social media for crowdfunding, is the fact that each and every single one of your online friends is potentially a marketer and advertiser for your campaign. After you share the link to your campaign, your online friends can then share your campaign with their friends, at the click of a button. Their friends can then view the campaign, donate if they wish, and then share it with their friends. Your campaign could potentially go globally viral thanks to your online friends simply sharing it with others.
Find your target demographic – The great thing about social media is the fact that there are pages for virtually everything imaginable. If you choose to share your crowdfunding campaign with the right audience, the amount your campaign generates could potentially increase hugely. If for example, your campaign is for an animal charity, there are plenty of social media pages for animal lovers and charities. Sharing your campaign to these pages/groups will therefore help you to potentially land more donations than sharing it with an audience that isn’t particularly interested in animals. Once you find your target demographic and share your campaign with them, you will almost certainly enjoy greater levels of success than normal.