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How it Works?
How FundKarmaWorks
Here at FundKarma, we pride ourselves on our honesty, and on our user-friendliness. We want your crowdfunding venture to be as simple and as straightforward as possible, and we believe that we’ve created the perfect platform to do exactly that. So, how does it work?
Steps: How to create a profile
Create your profile:  Pretty self-explanatory really. Simply create your profile, filling in a few basic requirements and you’re ready to move onto the next stage.
Upload a picture and video: Remember, visual content helps catch the eye initially, and you want your project to stand out to as many people as possible. Therefore, simply upload an image relevant to your project and/or a YouTube video to go with it.
Launch your campaign: That’s right, you’re now ready to launch your campaign and to start raising funds to get your project up and running. 
Share on social media: The more people that see your project, the more people there will be to potentially donate. Once your campaign is up and running, you can utilize our various social media platforms to widen your reach.
Raise funds: Now that you’ve done the hard, well, easy stuff, now it’s time to sit back and start raising funds. Simply carry on with your life, check in regularly for updates, and watch your project’s funds grow.

How does our fee structure work?
It’s very simple and it’s very reasonable

FundKarma charges a flat 5% administration cost + Merchant fee 2.9% + $0.30

That’s it. It’s that simple and straightforward with absolutely no hidden fees or charges. Each time an individual supports your campaign and donates, the fee is automatically deducted. This means that whatever you see in your wallet is Net, meaning it is 100% yours and yours only.