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Crowdfunding for Stratups and Small Businesses

You had an idea and now it’s your time to convert that into a reality; no matter if you are planning on opening a new state of the art restaurant or introducing your self-designed super hot clothing brand on your website. You Need Money!

There are various ways you can raise funds for your ventures:

Financial Institutes: Banks can be great place to look for startup loans; here’s what you need for a bank loan: have a business plan; good credit history; maybe a co-signer; once your loan is approved you will have to make repayments with interest rate.

Family Members: yes you can pitch your idea to your parents, siblings, aunts and uncles; depending on their personal financial situations you might get lucky

But what if there was a way and place where you can pitch your idea to the entire world; have people read your business plan and then start getting funding? Yes that way is called: Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding: You can create your personal profile; post pictures write an interesting description for readers why are you starting this business and how much funding is required? Or to make things more interesting and interactive upload a video on your fundraising page where you can summarize your business plan in a few minutes;

Benefits of using Crowdfunding platform for raising funds for Startups:

High Exposure: vast reach to individuals who will fund your business idea; by posting your business page on a crowdfunding platform you are not only asking your friends and family to support you financially but to anyone on the entire planet.

Exceed your funding goal: depending on your time line; where/when/how long you want to raise funds for your Startup business; you can raise more money than you initially required which could be a good thing; for example; your goal was to raise $ 20,000 and now thanks to your outstanding business plan people are funding your campaign more and more and now you have raised double that amount, which is amazing.

No Repayment: Unlike Banks or your family members; at you are not required to pay back funds that you are have raised for your business using crowdfunding platform; this means less pressure on you so you can focus more your business; Tip: P.S. don’t forget to reward your donors for example: (giving out a customized free bracelet with your company’s logo sayings thank you? etc.)

Marketing for your business: Think of this way when you start a fundraising campaign; you are putting your business and brand name out there in public; people will find out who you are and  what product and services you offer; which means now you are also building your client base and users.

Continuous campaign: Depending on your business model and structure; if you feel the need you can keep your campaign up and running for a long period of time until you are fully financially independent, Great isn’t it?