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How Crowdfunding Works?
Whatever the project may be; you started the crowdfunding campaign! You will reach your financial goals in no time, however what if you want to extend the campaign; well solution is really easy; you can keep your campaign up and running for a long time and you can over raise funds in comparison to your original funding goal.

Good stuff doesn’t have to end there, at we understand that nature of each project could be different therefore we provide the flexibility to request withdrawal at any time during the campaign regardless if you achieved your campaign goal or not, for example: your initial goal was to raise $ 30,000 for the project but you need constant funding to run the project therefore you can request to withdraw your money in small portions as required.

On top of that if you chose to end your campaign before reaching your fundraising goal; you get to keep every single penny (whatever you have raised up to that certain date is yours to keep) as long it goes towards your project, remember there are no maximum or minimum withdrawal requirements.

Now it’s time for you to start the fundraising campaign; share it with your friends, family and other potential donors at social media and start raising funds.