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Positive Crowdfunding during COVID-19
It’s almost the end of 2020 and it’s been quite a year; where does crowdfunding stand in whole grand scheme of things and what are the positive impacts it can have on individuals around us:

Not a loan:

That’s right; considering all legitimate campaigns you are not taking a loan when you start a fundraising campaign using Fundkarma Crowdfunding which means “peace of mind” honestly because there is no repayment and have no financial obligations to pay it back.

People Care:

We humans care about one another therefore kindness is in us; many visitors who view your campaign can ultimately be your backers and can support your campaign; that’s why it is imperative to have clear, clean and impressive campaign with pictures and a nice story so viewers can understand the rational behind your fundraising campaign.


Venue like Fundkarma provides you with the opportunity to put your campaign out there to be seen by hundreds of visitors; remember each viewer could potentially be your donor, also go ahead and share it with your friends and family and let them support your idea as well.

Non-Face to Face Fundraising:

Raise money without physical face to face interactions with others because it’s all online; you can create your profile in a few easy steps and its online for the world to see and support you, each donor can visit your campaign at and make donation; at the end of your campaigns your funds get transferred to your bank account as per your instructions