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Tips for Successful Crowdfunding Campaign
Tell your Story: it is important that people viewing your crowdfunding campaign must understand the reason why have you started the campaign? How is it going to have a positive impact? Now it does not matter if the campaign is for yourself, a family member, community or for a humanitarian cause; so, go head and feel free to write down your story

 Have a Video: We all know people are different, some prefer to read and others are more visual, therefore creating a short video explaining your crowdfunding campaign is always a great idea

Uploaded pictures: Visuals are important, show potentials donors photos that can be related to your campaign; it will increase the likelihood of getting more funding

Be Realistic: Do you research and homework before you start your crowdfunding campaign, how much are you going to raise financially to support your project? Give a time line and; there is absolutely no harm in being transparent and to be open about your campaign, remember people respond more positively when they understand and trust your campaign

Promote your campaign: you have the power to spread your campaign like fire, let everyone know about your campaign, share it on social media (we cannot emphasis enough the power and importance of social media, share your campaign on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and all other social media platforms that you use) share it with your family, friends, neighbors, more people know about campaign the faster you will achieve your financial goal
Reward and Engage donors: Keeping in touch and thanking your donors is a great way to expressing your gratitude, for example: if you raising funds to start a new product line, send your donors samples or in other cases a bracelet, a pen, a note book etc. as a thank you for supporting your campaign

Monitor your campaign often: it is highly important that you monitor the activities on your campaign regularly, make small adjustments as deemed necessary

The Time Factor: remember point 5 (promote your campaign?) yes it is related to that, give your campaign some time to grow; do mention and encourage viewers and donors to share your campaign with others as this approach will even widen the horizon and will get your campaign more exposure, have faith and have patience; and importantly don’t stop spreading the word.

We are here to help: Please remember at we are here to help and support you with your campaign, if you need assistance creating your campaign, just remember help is just a message away at: send an e-mail: