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Why Crowdfunding is good ?
Raising funds for your goals has never been so easier, and here are the most popular reasons why we start a fundraising campaign;

Venture Capital:

We have innovation around us and there are hundreds of entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas, passion and energy; willing to make a difference, your idea no matter how big or small requires capital, even for new entrepreneurs who at this stage might not have enough network or connections to raise funds can use crowdfunding platform to get it going and raise funds for their ventures, also crowdfunding is a great way to market your product i.e. just by starting your campaign you are putting your product out there in front of thousands of individuals around the world at a crowdfunding platform that will help you financially and perhaps become your patrons

Helping your Family/Friends:

Taking care of people around you, it could be your friends, family or neighbors in need. Life events cost money; for example; someone passed away, someone is getting married, you want to help someone with their education, travel and health etc. limitation of not having enough funding should not stop you; start a campaign and help people around you


Giving back to community you live is a prime example of your commitment and sincerity to the society; building a bridge, school, medical facility or starting an environmental campaign; it requires funding and launching your campaign can attract thousands of individuals around the world to help you with your project that will make a difference by improving the lives in the communities you live in

Social Media Projects:

A YouTube superstar or any social media icon, you are there creating quality content for millions of your fans who follow and wait for you to upload something new that creates excitement, now considering that social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc. is our new TV, to create the content for your followers as an artist; you have to travel to different countries, purchase equipment etc. which means you have a cost to create that content therefore you can always start a campaign where your followers can support you financially to keep those Vlogs coming.


Unexpected health related issues to your pets can result in higher medical cost; there are thousands of people out there around the world and help and support your campaign

You can help dozens of different charities in your city or community by simply starting a campaign and raising funds to donate to charities that are close to your heart. There are people out there who would love to use a crowdfunding platform to support charity that they full support.

Natural Disasters:

It is something we cannot stop or control, but if it happens we can help individuals who are in desperate need to have their normal lives back, starting a fundraising campaign for disaster relief is not only a good deed but you are helping hundreds in times like these.